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Bijou Community Outreach Grant

The Bijou Theatre Foundation serves to enhance the cultural development of Knoxville by providing all-inclusive access to the arts and creating a gathering place for all. In an effort to further this mission, the Bijou is donating the use of the theatre and staff to two Knox County non-profit for the presentation of an event or program.

The Bijou Theatre Foundation Community Outreach Grant Program’s goal is to increase the accessibility of both our stage and our auditorium. Grants will be awarded to events designed to provide significant cultural impact to the communities they serve; with an emphasis on diversity, inclusion and unity. Grant award winners will also receive event planning and execution guidance from professionals if requested.

The Bijou Theatre Foundation will select at least two organizations’ events to be produced at the theatre: one during the period of January 1–June 30, 2020 and one during the period of July 1-December 31, 2020. Applicant non-profits may request only one grant.

The costs associated with these events related to the use of theatre (rent, staffing, in-house production, etc.) will be covered by this grant. Other production costs (artist fees, hospitality, travel, etc.) if applicable, will remain the responsibility of the producing non-profit.


For more information, questions, or other assistance, please contact:

Courtney Bergmeier

Director of Development

865-522-0832 ext 201