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Giving Tuesday Now

Today is #GivingTuesdayNow, a new global day to come together to form a wave of generosity and support for the non-profits that enrich our lives in good times and bad. It’s important to take care of yourselves first, but if you’re able, please consider supporting the Bijou Theatre with a tax-deductible donation. Gifts of any size help sustain us through these dark days.

In response to the rising health threat posed by COVID-19, on March 13th, the Bijou Theatre closed it’s doors and suspended all programming until further notice. As a result, we have no means for earning revenue, and even with the lights off, the Bijou carries $50,000 in overhead each month.

Since closing the theatre, we have canceled, rescheduled, or postponed 39 events through the end of May. We realize that doing so is paramount to the health and safety of our community, but it has also caused an immense income shortfall. These are especially tough times to bear as the future of our programming is incredibly uncertain. We can only guess as to when we’ll be able to host events of any capacity, let alone present national touring artists on our stage, which is the primary economic driver for our non-profit organization. Even though we are temporarily closed, our staff is working hard to plan and adapt for the future of in the age of COVID, so that you can experience art and live performances at the Bijou again.