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Bijou Art Gallery

Current Exhibit:


Andy Gordon and Kayla Dean’s

“Uncomfortably Comfortable”


Join us for our First Friday Opening Reception on May 3rd - 6:00 to 8:00 PM!

Show Description:

How do separate bodies of work created by two different people cohabitate within a space? What connections can be drawn? Where are those connections lost? We are two makers with vastly different drives, histories, and ways of thinking about our work. However, when broken down to the basic methods and visual realms within which we tend to operate on a surface such as the ideas of layering, playing with and obscuring the original narrative, visual collage and overlap, and use of the figure the work is not nearly as dissimilar as it may seem. It is crucial to allow work to obtain its own autonomy as well as exist among other created things just as it is important to socialize toddlers. These interactions allow for learning and reflection and comparison between the work as well as the artists. We are not too different from two parents observing their children on a play date, letting our work absorb, reflect, and do what it may.

If you’re a local artist who’s interested in displaying your art in the gallery, please reach out to Courtney, [email protected], to inquire about exhibiting your work.