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Bijou Art Gallery

Artist of the Month : Robert Felker

Join us for our next First Friday Gallery Event on October 4th from 4:45 pm – 6:45 pm. This event is FREE! This month’s featured artist is the talented Robert Felker and his show is entitled ‘Patron Saints of Rock.’

Patron Saints of Rock

Like a faithful friend, music has accompanied my countless hours as a visual artist. It has given me inspiration and connection to something untouchable, yet deeply felt. It takes me away and leads me back home.
Naturally, I have favorites—artists I never tire of and return to time and again. And as a devoted follower, I wondered what I could give back.
Patron Saints of Rock is my attempt to share with others my admiration for the music that has stirred my soul. It is my attempt to evoke in static, two dimensions, what is inherently dynamic, layered and bound by signatures of time. And it is my hope to honor the legacy and contributions of artists that have moved mountains…

O holy church to which I belong
Thy saints inspire with heavenly song; For Thee, I built a humble shrine
To save this broken soul of mine.

-Robert Felker

If you’re a local artist who’s interested in displaying your art in the gallery, please fill out this form here!


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