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Bijou Art Gallery

This January we’re excited to be featuring the work of Knoxville’s


Artist Statement

I am a local artist and recent graduate of the forestry and studio art programs at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. My studies in forest and recreation land management have informed my view of natural areas, their importance and fragility, structure and design. In turn, my painting has reflected that perspective, including the apparent incongruence of developing protected land. This exhibit includes a new collection of paintings that celebrate local landforms and explore the interplay between modern society and natural lands. Surreal landscape and elements of pop entwine to illuminate regional geologic features and explore the interactions of geology and human infrastructure. I enjoy creating imaginative depictions of recognizable land features in Knoxville and the East Tennessee region to create a sense of excitement and connection with the land within the viewer. I believe that excitement and sense of connection within a community is vital to successful conservation.  I am pushing the conception of a landscape to celebrate our public lands and examine the intersection of geography, technology, and recreation. These vibrant oil paintings on hand-crafted panels and large-scale canvases offer a prismatic view of the amazing places that surround us and the ways we manipulate them for recreation, industry, and conservation.
My website is: www.reidharts.art

Join us for our First Friday Gallery Event on January 4, 5:30 to 8:30!

If you’re a local artist who’s interested in displaying your art in the gallery, please reach out to Courtney, courtney@knoxbijou.com, to inquire about exhibiting your work.