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Bijou Art Gallery

Artist of the Month : R2R Studio, Celebrating 15 Years

Join us Friday, September 6 from 5pm-7pm for our official First Friday Gallery Opening featuring the work of R2R Studio and their 15 years of creating.

Founded in 2004, R2R studio is home to a collaborative, energetic, and creative group of architects and designers. While the two “Rs” in R2R studio represent the firm’s original passions, restaurants and residential, they welcome a variety of project types to their commercial, residential, and brand development design teams. R2R is grateful for the relationships made thus far in their 15 year history and the opportunities to help shape their own community here in Knoxville. Please join them in celebrating through a gallery of their local design work and it’s supporting architecture.

This event is free and open to the public!

If you’re a local artist who’s interested in displaying your art in the gallery, please fill out this form here!


October - Robert Felker
November -Tracy Jackson Photography